International Conference

GENOVA, December 2nd-3th, 2022

In recent years, scholars in the field of Drawing and Representation have been paying increasing attention to the issues of accessibility and inclusion of diverse audiences in various spheres of daily life and from spatial, socio-cultural, and cognitive perspectives.

Research concerning and experimentation on these emerging issues are increasing in contemporary society through the use of techniques, strategies, and methods founded on the disciplinary Drawing tradition.

The need to respond to the complexity of these challenges provides a stimulus for the definition of interdisciplinary courses of research, the construction of international research networks, and collaboration with other citizens so as to outline perspectives relevant both to the evolution of the discipline and to the contribution it can provide in addressing the most complex challenges of contemporary scenarios.
The DAI project stems from the desire to form a network of researchers working on these issues and to build a place for discussion on accessibility and inclusion in relation to the configuration and management of space, communication and learning processes, and any other areas of research that may emerge. Considering the multiple characteristics of individuals inevitably leads to more extensive ways of conceiving and using spaces and objects, activities, and knowledge communication. For some, this method will incorporate the emergence of opportunities of which one never hoped, such as access to a historical site for a person in a wheelchair, the possibility of a visit to a museum for a blind person, or participation in a conference for a deaf person. For others, it will be an opportunity to activate overlooked channels of perception, broaden the range of situations and frequented places, and experience new ways of interpreting expressions that are aimed at people with motor and sensory disabilities or those affected by specific developmental, learning, and neurobiological disorders.

Call for Papers

The Department of Architecture and Design (DAD) of the University of Genoa invites all those interested in the debate on DRAWING for Accessibility and Inclusion to submit their contributions in the form of long abstracts to the International Conference on focusing on several issues:

  • Drawing for spatial accessibility and inclusion
  • Drawing for accessibility and socio-cultural inclusion
  • Drawing for accessibility and cognitive inclusion
  • Drawing for accessibility and psycho-sensory inclusion


Long abstracts are requested consisting of:

  • Title
  • Focus
  • Author/authors name and surname
  • Affiliation and email of the author/authors
  • Abstract (maximum 300 characters including spaces)
  • Keywords (max 5)
  • Text (4000-5000 characters including spaces)
  • 1–2 images
  • Bibliography (maximum 5–6 references).

The text can be written in Italian or English.
The text structure (not necessarily divided into paragraphs) should describe several aspects:

  • pursued objectives
  • adopted methods
  • description of results, with discussion of possible future developments.

The text should be sent by e-mail in *.doc and *.pdf format (file name: Author Surname_DAI) to:
Only after receiving the abstract’s acceptance, should authors to submit the extended paper (approx. 15,000 characters) for publication; instructions for editing the extended paper will be communicated at a later time.
All duly accepted papers will be published in a book with ISBN.
For more information, please contact:


June 1st: Call publication
July 15th July 25th: Deadline long abstracts
JJuly 31st August 12th: Abstract acceptance notification
September 15th: Deadline full paper submission
September 30th October 7th October 14th: Reduced fee registration deadline
November 11th: Registration deadline
December 2nd: Proceedings publication




For registration write to:


The deadline for registration and payment in order to publish your contribution in the conference proceedings is September 30th October 7th 2022. Instructions on how to pay and register will be provided later.



Early registration (September 30th October 7th October 14th 2022)
Authors                                              180,00 €
PhDs/Students                                 120,00 €

Registration (from October 15th to November 11th)
Authors                                               240,00 €
PhDs/Students                                  160,00 €